MailScanner reporting/stats? tools

Mark Nienberg gmane at
Tue Apr 3 02:58:21 IST 2007

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> MailScanner seems to be up and running a treat.
> Is there anything that will give me some useful stats/reports?
> I'm running MailScanner with Postfix as MTA on OpenSuse.
> I'm aware of MailWatch, but it looks a bit of a sod to install/configure
> for a novice tbh.

Logwatch has basic stats.
Be sure to download the latest version rather than using an older one that came with 
your distro.


MailScanner Status:
  	476 messages Scanned by MailScanner
  	8.0 Total MB
  	386 Spam messages detected by MailScanner
  		374 Spam messages with action(s) delete
  		12 Spam messages with action(s) deliver
  	4 Content Problems found by MailScanner
  	94 Messages delivered by MailScanner

  Content Report: (Total Seen = 4)
      phishing tags: 1 Time(s)
      web bug tags: 3 Time(s)

  Phishing Report: (Total Seen = 2) 1 Time(s)

    Detail: claiming to be 1 Time(s)

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