OT: Multiple Outgoing IPs?

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Mon Apr 2 21:44:34 IST 2007

Jim Coates wrote:
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>> Jim Coates wrote:
>>> Hey gang...
>>> This is totally off-topic, but I know there are some very smart 
>>> individuals here who might have some ideas for me.
>>> The company I work for recently purchased another company (both 
>>> companies are very small).
>>> Because of how we track bonded sender info and such, I need to have 
>>> both domains (one for each company) sending outgoing mail 
>> on different 
>>> IPs.
>>> Ideally, I don't want to add another mail server and would 
>> like to be 
>>> able to take advantage of all the filtering and such that I have 
>>> enabled on the existing *nix based mail server.
>>> I've been told that it is not possible to set outgoing IPs in 
>>> SendMail, so I'm looking for suggestions of how I might be able to 
>>> make this work.
>> Could you explain a little bit more as to what you need? I'll ask a 
>> question or two so I can clarify what I think you want to do.
>> You have an existing scanning machine where domain1.com 
>> lives, is that 
>> correct?
>> You want domain2.com to have its inbound e-mail sent to this box and 
>> have it delivered onto another mailserver by IP address, is 
>> that correct?
>> If you could answer that, I'll see what might work for you.
>> Paul
> Paul,
> Here is exactly what I need:
> Domain one and domain two both already come inbound to the same box via
> unique DNS mail records that both point to the same IP.  SendMail is
> currently configured to accept both domains and route them to local users
> (which is exactly how I want it to work on that end).
> I don't need to relay to another box, what I am looking to do is take mail
> originating from the mail server and send it outbound from a different IP.
> For example, if I send an email to you as "jim at domain.one" it will come from
> one IP address.  If I send you an email as "jim at domain.two", I want it to
> come from a different IP address.
> I have multiple public IPs available to my box, I just don't know if its
> possible to configure SendMail to always associate a particular outbound
> domain with one IP and another outbound domain with another IP.
> Does that make sense?
> What we are trying to do is separate out the email so that bonded sender
> information for one domain is not affected by the bounces and such from
> another domain.
> Thanks,
> Jim

Check out genericstable. I use it with sendmail to have different users
come from different domains.

user1   user1 at domain.one
user2    user2 at domain.two

As long as the domains are different IPs it should do what you're wanting.

Lincoln, NE.

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