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Michael H. Warfield mhw at WittsEnd.com
Fri Sep 29 16:48:53 IST 2006

Hey all!

	Just got burned (actually, just figured out WHY I got burned) trying to
install (re-install) MailScanner.

	One system I have under my control seemed to install MailScanner (Ok...
I ran install.sh and then walked away - missed a BUNCH of "rpm not
found" error messages) but it would not run (various perl errors).  Use
to work but blew up when I upgraded to 4.55.  Weird, because this was
working fine on other systems.

	Discovered the problem...  I had, somewhat recently, created
a .rpmmacros file in my home directory for building some rpms under my
user id (I had been playing with OpenGroupware and OpenExchange).  To
install MailScanner, I ran "sudo -s" to jump to a superuser shell and,
when I ran install.sh, my .rpmmacros file caused the all the rpm's to be
built under my target directory.  The script could not then find them,
looking only in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/*.

	Self inflicted injury, true, but, maybe, the install should be checking
to see where the rpm files are being built?  Check for ~/.rpmmacros or
run "rpmbuild --showrc" and look for %_topdir and/or %_rpmdir?  Yeah,
that gets ugly too, since you have to parse it (mine was "%_topdir
%(echo "$HOME")/rpmbuild") and expand it.  Or, maybe, dummy out
the .rpmmacros file somehow (uglier)?

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