SA lint in MailWatch - 158 seconds?!

Brett Charbeneau brett at
Thu Sep 28 15:31:17 IST 2006

> It refers to the 4 score sets that spamassassin uses;
> 1)local, 2)net, 3)with bayes, 4)with bayes+net
> If you are hitting score set 1, you are not doing  bayes tests, or your bayes
> is not able to be loaded. My lints hit in score set 3.
> Does your install show any bayes errors?
> Or maybe you don't have a sufficiently primed bayes DB.

 	I appreciate the help, Scott!
 	I have

use_bayes 0

 	in my spam.assassin.prefs.conf file, so I *thought* I had bayes 
disabled. (I figured I'd get some decent times going before tossing that burden 
on the server.)
 	Is MS is still pawing around for it? In MailScanner.conf I've got

Rebuild Bayes Every = 43200
Wait During Bayes Rebuild = yes

 	should I comment those out as well if I want to disable bayes?

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