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Jim Holland mailscanner at
Wed Sep 27 15:34:12 IST 2006

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Steve Campbell wrote:

> I just realized that there is a file in my /tmp directory named 
> ClamAV.update.log. It gets very big over time, and although I have cleaned 
> this before, I just began wondering about why it is where it is.
> I see also that I have a logrotate script for the freshclam log. But it 
> points to /var/log/clamav/. I could change this to work with the file in 
> /tmp, but /var/log/ is the usual RH log directory.
> So I have been trying to discover why the file is in /tmp. Apparently, the 
> freshclam.conf file is not being used by update.virus.scanners, as it points 
> to /var/log/clamav. Is there an option that can be changed somewhere to 
> remain MS compatible when upgrading, to move this file to /var/log/?

The log file location is specified in /usr/lib/MailScanner/clamav-autoupdate.
However it is set to log to /tmp/ClamAV.update.log because then there are 
no permissions issues - changing it to use /var/log will probably not work 
unless you have insecure permissions on that directory.

freshclam should not be used directly with the MailScanner setup.  The
virus update is handled by /etc/cron.hourly/update_virus_scanners (which I
modify by adding "killall freshclam 2> /dev/null" to it before the
"/usr/sbin/update_virus_scanners" line because it can otherwise fail to
update).  That cron job calls /usr/sbin/update_virus_scanners which calls
/usr/lib/MailScanner/clamav-autoupdate which itself calls freshclam.  The
log file settings in freshclam.conf are overridden by clamav-autoupdate.

I just use a symlink in the /var/log directory to point to 
/tmp/ClamAV.update.log to make it easy to view.

If you really need to have the logging in /var/log then you could probably 
achieve it by using the syslog option in freshclam.conf and then editing 
clamav-autoupdate accordingly.  I haven't tried it - the default is fine 
for me.


Jim Holland
System Administrator
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