Recipients addresses appearing since upgrade

Wayne wjohns at
Sun Sep 24 01:33:46 IST 2006

At 22:16 23/09/2006, you wrote:

I have been running lists for 14 years and a beta and alpha tester 
for LSoft (Listserv) so I guess there is no excuse. I woke up in a 
panic this morning as all my list postings were showing 800 + email 
addresses in the header so all the lessons of 14 years went out of the window.

Apologies, My own lists are aimed at people in the 3rd world running 
sometime 9, 32 and 56 k connections so I know the value of short messages.

Bows head in shame ....

- Wayne -

>Top Posting is a BAD Mannerism and M$ makes it even worst.
>REf 1:

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