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Fri Sep 22 09:33:47 IST 2006

> On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:34:50 -0700
>   Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
> >JD Doelitzsch spake the following on 9/21/2006 2:06 PM:
> >> In my case it was the maillog's that filled up to a crazy amount 
> >>until no
> >> disk space for incoming was available. I have 1gb mem with 4 child
> >> processes. Im thinking I need to get milter-ahead for the mail log 
> >>issue Im
> >> getting a bunch of "sorry no dude at is here". In any case 
> >>since I
> >> did hit that disk full error, does MS stop working on the queue or 
> >>does it
> >> continue when space is available again?
> >Usually, a process that hits a disk full will either lock or fault. 
> >It depends
> >on the program. But a restart after the problem clears should do it.
> >I am currently working on a howto for sendmail and mimedefang to work 
> >like
> >milter-ahead. Mimedefang is open licensed, so it is easier to work 
> >with (and
> >free!).
> >I should have it in the wiki in a week or so.

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Dennis Willson wrote:

> I've started using sav (smf-sav) which is a free milter that does both
> the same thing that milter-ahead does plus it looks backward to validate
> the send too. I've been using about a month or two and it's working very
> well.

I would expect this free/open source solution to have far less overhead,
as well as having the advantage of very simple configuration, compared
with using Mimedefang.  Use a simple tool designed for the job.

I have been testing smf-sav on a couple of small systems and found it very
useful - it dramatically cut down spam on systems with no other spam
protection.  The developer is also very helpful.  I plan to use it on our
main server as soon as I have done some checks (using their very handy
sender address verification test utility) to see what addresses I need to
whitelist before rolling it out.


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