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Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at
Thu Sep 21 14:30:10 IST 2006


I put two Dell PowerEdge 850's Pentium D 930 with 2GB RAM and SCSI 15k
drives into production the end of June.
Each box is running Razor2, Pyzor, Rules_Du_Jour, DCC, three Anti-Virus
scanners and MailWatch in Distributed mode.

Running MailScanner-4.55.10-3 on Centos 4.3.  Uptime is currently 58

If you're going to run MailWatch, I'd recommend putting 3GB in the
MailWatch system so you can keep the MySQL tables in memory and give
roughly a 1 Gig each to the MailScanner Max Children processes
(Currently set to 10).

CPU Avg load 5/10/15 (as shown by 'top') all run under 3
Process 100K/email per box daily.


>>> "Roger Jochem" <roger at> 9/21/2006 6:54 AM >>>
I'm building a new web server / mail server this month. The last one is

becoming really slow in mail processing... It's a 2 years old machine,
allready retirement time for that machine. Today CPU and memory are in
parts of the day in max utilization.

I'm thinking in a Pentium D 930 3 Ghz Dual Core 2x2mb chache with 1 Gb
memory, and 2 SATA disks (80 Gb each). Is this a good machine for the 
service? Is somebody using 64 bits machine for this kind of server?
Would a 
64 bits machine perform a better job?

I'm using Centos 3 in the actual machine. In the new one I would
Centos 4 (maybe the 64 bits version, if 64 bits machine would do a

This machine should deal with 20.000 messages / day (about 1 Gb in
mcafee, clamav, bitdefender, mailwatch, spamassassin, mysql, php and

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!


Roger Jochem 

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