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Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Thu Sep 21 13:55:43 IST 2006

Roger Jochem wrote:
> I'm building a new web server / mail server this month. The last one is 
> becoming really slow in mail processing... It's a 2 years old machine, 
> it's allready retirement time for that machine. Today CPU and memory are 
> in some parts of the day in max utilization.
> I'm thinking in a Pentium D 930 3 Ghz Dual Core 2x2mb chache with 1 Gb 
> of memory, and 2 SATA disks (80 Gb each). Is this a good machine for the 
> service? Is somebody using 64 bits machine for this kind of server? 
> Would a 64 bits machine perform a better job?

Get more ram.. Is this a relay machine OR will it be the final 
destination. If this machine is the final destination i would recommend 

> I'm using Centos 3 in the actual machine. In the new one I would 
> consider Centos 4 (maybe the 64 bits version, if 64 bits machine would 
> do a better job).

Use centos 4 over 3.

> This machine should deal with 20.000 messages / day (about 1 Gb in 
> size), mcafee, clamav, bitdefender, mailwatch, spamassassin, mysql, php 
> and apache 2.

Get more ram in case you missed it the first time.

> Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!
> Regards
> Roger Jochem

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