Messages Outlook/Exchange can't delete

Aaron K. Moore amoore at
Tue Sep 19 18:03:57 IST 2006

You should take a look at milter-error.

It's useful for rejecting mail that violates the RFCs.

Kris Shaw wrote:
>> On 19/09/06, Kris Shaw <mailscanner at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> We run Exchange 2003 SP2 with MailScanner in front of it.
>>> We have recently been sent some spam messages that we initially
>>> were unable to delete via Outlook (2000 or 2003), OWA and IMAP.
>>> After an investigation it transpired that in fact the messages
>>> could in fact be deleted (shift-delete in Outlook) although they
>>> couldn't be moved (into other folders, such as 'Deleted Items').
>>> Attempting to move the messages via IMAP resulted in "An error
>>> occurred calling into the Microsoft Exchange Information Store
>>> service: the call to EcMoveCopyMessages failed with error
>>> 0x8004011b." from the Information Store. 
>>> The subject lines are similar to:
>>> "Tuesday.CRSVF.puts him in a "
>>> Our spam.actions.rules file default action is:
>>> FromOrTo:       default         deliver attachment header
>>> "X-Spam-Status: Yes" 
>>> The sender address looked malformed in the MailScanner produced
>>> email that wraps the spam message:
>>> From: "\"George Roman\"
>>> <tkuhn at>{SET":tkuhn at
>>> The attached spam email has the following address, which although
>>> invalid looks different to the MailScanner produced version:
>>> From: "George Roman" <tkuhn at>{SET:debug=11}
>>> Has anyone seen this?
>>> Regards,
>>> Kris.
>> What MTA is MailScanner running with? I for one has never seen this,
>> mainly (I suspect) because I reject a lot of bogous cr*p right up
>> front in postfix (RFC strictness... Simply reject
>> malformed/non-correct envelope addresses, HELO strings etc). I'm sure
>> you can do pretty much the same with any MTA (well... perhaps not
>> exchange:-). Makes life easier;)

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