Installing Razor2 on CentOS 3.x ?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Mon Sep 18 16:29:09 IST 2006

Remco Barendse wrote:
> Hi list!
> Setting up Razor2 on my CentOS 4.x boxes really is a breeze, just follow 
> the docs perl, make test etc. does it all.
> Trying the same on a CentOS 3.x box I am awarded with lots of errors which 
> I guess are caused by CentOS 3.x containing lotsa outdated packages.
> I really fear messing / updating perl packages, the last times I tried 
> that perl gets carried away, `updates' the whole box and leaves me with 
> system where nothing is working anymore ;)
> Did I miss something specific, I tried googling for a guide on how to 
> setup razor on CentOS but couldn't find anything.
> Trouble starts when I do make test on razor-agents-sdk, then I get the 
> below :


I usually ignore the make test errors and do a make install and it works ok.

> Ideas anyone??

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