per-user mcp rules

Ken A ka at
Fri Sep 15 17:53:25 IST 2006

Renee Gehlbach wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to finish setting up a new mail server.  It is running 
> mailscanner v. 4.54 with sendmail v. 8.12 on FreeBSD v. 6.1.  I am 
> attempting to set up mcp with different settings for different users, to 
> please different people.  (The owner's wife gets upset if anything 
> off-color reaches her mailbox, whereas the engineers need a much higher 
> tolerance as some of their technical terms would be considered dirty in 
> other contexts.  Not to mention that I'd ruin a lot of people's days if 
> their jokes had to fall into the same level of decency as the owner's 
> wife wants to have in her mailbox, although that is not the primary 
> consideration.)
> I have set up rules for mcp actions and mcp high scoring actions based 
> on ToCc: matches, which in general seems to work fairly well.  However, 
> when there are multiple recipients, the first rule that any of the 
> recipients matches is the rule used for that message, which defeats the 
> purpose of having individualized rules in the first place.  Does anyone 
> know a way around this problem?  I've seen instructions for postfix 
> users on how to split messages with multiple recipients into multiple 
> messages with one recipient, but have not been able to find similar 
> instructions for sendmail.

That was quite funny. Thanks. :-)

> Renee

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