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Thu Sep 14 09:24:22 IST 2006

Colin Jack wrote:
> Hmmm ... it looks like MailScanner is refusing the attachments because
> the .zip file contains unacceptable files ... e.g. .exe and .chm
> This seems a little over the zealous. We usually suggest to clients
> mailing .exe files (install files for example) to .zip them up to get
> through filters!!
> What is the best way to deal with this? Can I tell MailScanner not to
> look inside .zip files
> Thanks
> Colin 
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>> Colin Jack a écrit :
>>> Hope one of you MailScanner gurus can help!
>>> We are having clients complaining that some messages with 
>> attachments 
>>> aren't arriving ...
>>> example (which I have replicated):
>>> This morning I sent a message to a particular client who is having 
>>> problems.
>>> Attachment is a .zip of 2Mb
>>> Our MTA (Exchange) says it has been delivered successfully The 
>>> receiving server maillog has no entries at all as far as I 
>> can see I 
>>> receive no bounce (yet) ..
>>> I have checked the filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf and 
>>> they allow .zip files
>>> If I put the following entry at the top of the 
>> filetype.rules.conf and 
>>> filename.rules.conf
>>> allow	.	-	-
>>> then all works fine.
>>> I would like some filtering of files but cannot afford to have 
>>> apparently innocuous files causing mail to evaporate ;)
>>> Thanks
>>> Colin
>> Colin,
>> The explanation is probably in you maillog file.  Sendmail 
>> (or whichever MTA you use) should log every connection it 
>> receives and log things like envelope sender, time of day and 
>> message ID.  Then grepping that message ID should tell you 
>> what happened to your mail.
>> Also you should put MS in verbose mode or run it in debug 
>> mode to get the full details about what is happening.
>> Verbose mode (MailScanner.conf):
>> Log Spam = yes
>> Log Silent Viruses = yes
>> Log Dangerous HTML Tags = yes
>> Denis

be aware of quite a few viruses hiding inside zip files.. hence this 

If you don't scan inside zip files you are opening a known threat. Treat 
this risk accordingly..
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