No Message Collected

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Sep 13 16:17:57 IST 2006

Stephen Conway spake the following on 9/13/2006 7:45 AM:
> Hello:
> I am running with below:
> Slackware Linux
> Sendmail 8.10.2
> Perl 5.6.1
> MailScanner-4.55.10
> SpamAssassin 3.1.0
> McAfee A/V
> After upgrading to MailScanner-4.55.10 , all is working for some time, but
> recently I have started to get 'No Message Collected' from time to time on
> messages.  Can anyone advise a reason?  I have seen in the archives that
> changing the "Lock Type = " setting can help this issue, if so what should I
> use?  flock ?
> Any help is appreciated.
First things first. That version of sendmail has a major security exploit. You
should try to find a version later than 8.12.7. You might as well look for
something in the 8.13 range because of the added features like greet_pause.
Usually the no message collected means that the remote system dropped the
connection before finishing the message. Flock is the proper setting for that
version of sendmail.
How old is your Slackware? I looked as far back as 8.0 and it came with
sendmail 8.11.4. You might consider updating just for the security
vulnerabilities that an old distro can have. You don't want to have a
rootkitted zombie out there, do you?


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