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Colin Jack a écrit :
> Hope one of you MailScanner gurus can help!
> We are having clients complaining that some messages with attachments
> aren't arriving ... 
> example (which I have replicated):
> This morning I sent a message to a particular client who is having
> problems.
> Attachment is a .zip of 2Mb
> Our MTA (Exchange) says it has been delivered successfully 
> The receiving server maillog has no entries at all as far as I can see 
> I receive no bounce (yet) .. 
> I have checked the filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf and they
> allow .zip files
> If I put the following entry at the top of the filetype.rules.conf and
> filename.rules.conf
> allow	.	-	-
> then all works fine.
> I would like some filtering of files but cannot afford to have
> apparently innocuous files causing mail to evaporate ;)
> Thanks
> Colin

The explanation is probably in you maillog file.  Sendmail (or whichever 
MTA you use) should log every connection it receives and log things like 
envelope sender, time of day and message ID.  Then grepping that message 
ID should tell you what happened to your mail.

Also you should put MS in verbose mode or run it in debug mode to get 
the full details about what is happening.

Verbose mode (MailScanner.conf):
Log Spam = yes
Log Silent Viruses = yes
Log Dangerous HTML Tags = yes


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