RBL blocking emails by mistake?

DAve dave.list at
Tue Sep 12 23:47:00 IST 2006

Res wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> Your server bounces with no user by that name because RFC's say you are
>>> supposed to bounce it.
>> Are you sure you're supposed to "take it all in and then bounce it"? 
>> I'm not sure you're *required* to "take it all in"; IIRC you always 
>> have the right to reject it at the MTA level, right?
> an unpatched default qmail will accept anything if its in virtual host 
> mode, then another of its processes will bounce it, dumb yes, which 
> amazes me in its default way bernstein claims its so secure (and look 
> theres those lil piggies flying backwards through the air <G>)
> so its possible some MTAs like qmail are too dumb to do it any other way :)
> however the chkusr patch fixes this flaw in 15 seconds.
> I'm not aware of any other MTA operating this braindead way.

This used to be such a nice place....

Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
logo change for Memorial Day. Why do they choose to do logos
for other non-international holidays, but nothing for

Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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