BETA: Max SpamAssassin Size for sendmail and Postfix

Drew Marshall drew at
Mon Sep 11 20:52:40 IST 2006

On 11 Sep 2006, at 20:42, Julian Field wrote:

>> Please note this is made as an observation. I don't understand  
>> enough about all the different SA rules to appreciate what the  
>> best choice is (Yet!). Certainly I understand the issues of DoS  
>> and indeed the potential of missing large spam messages but I can  
>> also see the possible benefits of not scanning very large messages  
>> at all for some of my very old and underpowered machines, so I am  
>> following this debate with a keen interest.
> Considering many of the rules work quite successfully with the  
> headers and some of the text of the message, simply ignoring  
> messages over a certain size seems a very silly thing to do. Most  
> of the spam detection rules work perfectly well with only the start  
> of the message.

Indeed and I have not noticed any obvious issues with the current set  
up (But then I don't have the message volume demands of many).  
Sometimes ignorance is bliss :-)

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