BETA: Max SpamAssassin Size for sendmail and Postfix

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Mon Sep 11 17:08:09 IST 2006

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Alex Broens wrote:
> Julian,
> On 9/10/2006 8:58 PM, Julian Field wrote:
>> I have added the new logic to the Max SpamAssassin Size configuration 
>> option, with just about all the extra features everyone wanted in here.
>> # SpamAssassin is not very fast when scanning huge messages, so messages
>> # bigger than this value will be truncated to this length for 
>> SpamAssassin
>> # testing. The original message will not be affected by this. This value
>> # is a good compromise as very few spam messages are bigger than this.
>> #
>> # Now for the options:
>> # 1) <length of data in bytes>
>> # 2) <length of data in bytes> truncate
>> # 3) <length of data in bytes> continue <extra bytes allowed>
> <snipped>
>> I have only added the logic to the sendmail and Postfix versions so 
>> far, as I want to be sure it works before I give it out to everyone.
>> It's on as usual.
>> *Please* can you test this out for me. If you think I have gone over 
>> the top, and just produced a system that no-one can work out how to 
>> use, then please do tell me and I will remove bits of it again. 
>> Personally I think it will only be used by 1% of users at most, which 
>> leads me to think I should remove the whole thing and go back to 
>> something much simpler again.
> As you state above "spamassassin is not very fast...."  which I'd 
> think makes it a natural to set a max size of the raw msg to be parsed 
> by SA which avoids rocket science.
> the truncate and/or continue with bytes may not always work for spam 
> and may add to the load by scanning unnecessary large HAM and it seems 
> to me its a trial & error method till one gets the spam_du_jour caught 
> in a jungle of sizes, multiparts, etc, etc.
>> Your thoughts?
> Though & wish: apply the VERY simple spamc method: "max msg size" and 
> save lots of cpu time and potential FPs avoiding scanning even chuncks 
> of oversized msgs.
> (incidentaly scanning chuncks breaks some plugins, full & rawbody 
> rules, etc)
I really do not like the spamc method. All the spammers have to do is 
make the message a bit bigger and they complete evade SpamAssassin 
altogether. Bad news in my book.

> Expecting to be tarred and feathered by old MS users.....
> Alex

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