RBL blocking emails by mistake?

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Sun Sep 10 09:05:08 IST 2006

On Fri, 8 Sep 2006, John Rudd wrote:

> How else do the spamtraps receive mail except by having the email address out 
> there?  It gets out _somehow_.  Seeded some how, harvested by dictionary 
> attacks, etc..  And once it has been obtained by a spammer, that address can 
> then show up as a return-path in a message.

correct, i have had this out with SC before I was told of their system 
tests and im satisfied its a good idea, i dont know how much of it is 
general public info, but im sure those that have a real need to know can 
ask them

> Obviously there's no way to know which addresses being responded to are 
> spamtraps or not, but there's no other explanation for spamcop saying we sent 
> spam to their spamtrap.  There's exactly two explanations:
> 1) one of our students just happens to know the spamtrap address and set 
> their email to forward there instead of their yahoo account (so unlikely that 
> the probability is vanishingly low)
> 2) a spamtrap showed up in the return-path of some message, and got replied 
> to in a vacation message (not at all an unreasonable possibility, given that 
> the addresses _are_ out there).

So again you in  an EDU establishment can say for 110% these students are 
not virus proned, I have learnt one thing about EDU, especialy in this 
country, they have the most lapsed security enforcement and policies
EDU institutions are the worse in my 14 plus year experience.

> There aren't any other mechanisms that would have our mail servers sending a

so its completely absolutely impossible for a student to have an infected 
pc and do this you will state this on your life would you, because you 
seem to look for and acert blame everywhere else but your students, you 
appear to not even entertain the idea, this is pure arrogance and tends to 
tell me it was justified.


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