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Sun Sep 10 08:57:50 IST 2006

On Sat, 9 Sep 2006, Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:

> Res wrote:
>> Like I said try running greylisting on a network that does several million 
>> emails per day with several MX's, you might say ok retry in 1 minute, but 
>> most daemons wait 10, so by the time one of our guys gets his email its 
>> 40-50 minutes later, i would want to hope they werent in a critical ebay 
>> auction.
> Why not whitelist e-bay's legit MXs?
Does that mean we have to do it for every organisation that requires it, 
how about our business clients clients who are on phone saying 
"emailed it 5 mins ago, so what do u think" "uh i dunno I havent got it"
and so on...  and who do i invoice to recover the cost of the continual
whitelisting.. who do i invoice to cover the cost of CSR who have to 
filedall these calls... get my drift :) it just is not viable.


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