Anyone using

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Thu Sep 7 15:25:01 IST 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> Why do you assume the spammers use an MTA that can handle a temp fail?
> The point of greylisting isn't "wait a bit", it is "retry if you're 
> real":-).
> So Eds figures add up just fine.

If I may.... Some *actually do*. They use open relays (*truly* open or 
"open to people on my network without AUTH" open, but that's a subject 
of another thread by Muhammad Nauman), faked return addresses on 
M-Sexchange servers that will bounce back to the intended victim, etc. - 
so the server's they're *abusing* *are* legit.

That's where things like rbl's, SA (with razor/pyzor/dcc/SARE), and 
other tools of the trade come in.

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