Logan Shaw lshaw at
Tue Sep 5 21:35:35 IST 2006

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Ken A wrote:
> Rob Poe wrote:

>>             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
>> Mem:        479644     447512      32132          0      93536     161792
>> -/+ buffers/cache:     192184     287460
>> Swap:      2112440       4356    2108084
> Looks like you are pushing it already at 2 children. More memory would help. 
> You should be able to run 4 MS processes with a GB of ram.

Might be getting close to the limit, but I don't see evidence
that the system is at the limit (i.e. that it's memory-starved).
The swap used is very low; if the system were swapping, it
would probably be higher.

So yeah, more memory would help, since it always does, but
lack of memory doesn't appear to be the primary problem.

Of course, without seeing stats of how many messages are in a
batch and how long that batch takes, it's difficult to tell
what the problem is.  Is MS using 60 seconds of CPU time
for one message?  Or is that 60 seconds for a whole bunch
of messages?  If the former, there is a significant problem
not related to memory.

   - Logan

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