Rob Poe rpoe at
Tue Sep 5 17:03:16 IST 2006

Is there a way to start MailScanner so that it processes any messages in it's queue, but does not accept new incoming messages?

I have a client with an older linux box running MailScanner and it's just being crushed ... with spam....

It's a Celeron 2.0 ghz / 512mb ram / dual IDE disk

 10:55:02  up 19:05,  1 user,  load average: 6.23, 4.56, 4.04

Running access lists in Sendmail (to block out other countries) and running the greet_pause feature (which is helping a lot)

Seeing things like this:  Sep  5 10:56:12 mail MailScanner[25809]: Batch processed in 61.70 seconds 

I've tried 5, 3 and now 2 MS children.

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