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Chris Russell Chris.Russell at
Mon Sep 4 12:53:41 IST 2006

> On the other hand, i think still its rather silly to do the RBL
> blocking with MailScanner. Let either your mailer or SA do that :P
> Why ? Can you please elaborate on this ?

 If you trust the list, then why add additional load to your box by spam
scanning (with the associated overheads) when you can reject at SMTP

> Having your MTA do the RBL checks may not always be possible. What If
I want to whitelist some ids of turnoff scan
> for some recipient ids

 Its not as bad as you may think, for example, with Exim, you can use
conditions in ACL's to determine what is scanned and what is not.

 For example, we use Exim and SQL and have SQL based settings and
whitelists. In essence we do exactly what your "what if" question asks



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