just gets bigger - no delivery?

Jon Bates jon.bates at
Mon Sep 4 08:05:26 IST 2006

I had this exact issue this morning. It's interesting that we got the same
issue around the same time!

I found the problem to be directly related to the size of the "Blacklist"
SARE rule files. They were very very large (like 15 odd MB!). As soon as I
removed these my problems were solved. The mailscanner processes were using
249MB each and bogging down to the point where a batch with only one small
message would take 600 seconds to complete. Ive been using RulesDuJour as
well, but im not sure how the problem only started suddenly for the both of
us.. Interesting.

I would check the multiple locations that spamassassin can pick these files
up from as well, because I found another copy of the files lurking

Check spamassassin lint to make sure that the offending lists definitely
arent being used.

- Jon Bates

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