Debian package outdated?

Martin martin.lyberg at
Sat Sep 2 11:42:42 IST 2006

Rick Chadderdon wrote:

> I asked myself this about nearly every package I had installed during my
> year-long Debian phase.  I understand that it's not necessary to have
> the newest, shiniest stuff if everything is working, but that didn't
> suit my personality, so I was not a good match with Debian.  If you want
> up-to-date packages, Debian is not the best choice of distros.  If you
> want secure and stable with a minimum of maintenance, Debian works very
> well.

True. I used to go with Fedora before, but i tried Debian and i loooved 
the package-managment, so i put up a new box with Postfix, Mailscanner, 
clamav etc, and was satisfied with the ease of installation. Though, i 
thought it was far behind with versions.

I just want to find a repository for getting the latest stable versions 
of the programs above. :)

/ Martin

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