Using MailScanner with Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall for SMB 6.0

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Sat Sep 2 06:29:08 IST 2006

I dont know why I can't receive the mailing list for each message.

Back to the topic,
yes, I have changed virus.scanners.conf correspond to /opt/trend/isvw6.
It should be the correct I was able to use the 5.0 version
I have also found that it has the isvw-scan utility and changed
trend-wrapper from vscan to isvw-scan and corresponding paths and lib path
but still fail.

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On 01/09/06, Zenith Tang <zenith.tang at> wrote:
> After I upgrade the Interscan Viruswall from 5.0 to 6.0, the MailScanner
> does not able to use Trend to scan virus. The 5.0 version uses vscan
> to scan virus, but 6.0 does not have this command. It seems that the 6.0
> version does not compatible with MailScanner. Does anyone know how to make
> MailScanner able to use 6.0 to scan virus? Thanks!

Disclaimer: I don't use trend, but... Questions:
Does 6.0 install to the directory expected in virus.scanners.conf
(third column)?
Is that really the "correct" product? Seems to me that the package
including the "on-demand" scanning is the ServerProtect one...

However (looking at the downloaded trial I just got) there seems to be
an isw-scan utility... Might be one needs to just tweak the wrapper a

-- Glenn
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