Sendmail privacy flags in MailScanner init script

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Sep 1 22:10:03 IST 2006

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi Ugo,
> Ugo Bellavance wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     In the MailScanner init script, privacy options are stated for 
>> sendmail:
>> -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn
>> Why is that?  Shouldn't these settings be defined in (cf)?
> I suspect this is a safety net -- you really really don't want the 
> incoming Sendmail process to allow ETRN for any hosts, because ETRN 
> would result in message being delivered to the host directly from 
>, bypassing MailScanner completely.
> It's in the initscript for MailScanner so you don't have to remember to 
> put it in the privacy options and rebuild the .cf file when you install 
> MailScanner.

I understand, but I think that most sendmail package disable etrn by 
default.  This is slightly problematic when you want to use different 
privacy options like goaway, you have to edit the init script...

>> Does that override the settings in the config file?
> Yes -- but only for the incoming Sendmail process, the outgoing process 
> will use whatever is configured in the .cf file.


> Cheers,
> Steve.


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