Sendmail RPM Update - Will This Break MailScanner

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Sep 1 22:08:25 IST 2006

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Daniel Straka wrote:
>> I'm running MailScanner on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 and have
>> received a sendmail security update to install via rpm. Does anyone
>> know if this will break the MailScanner / Sendmail symbiosis or even
>> the entire server? I've never had much luck in the past with these
>> %#@& patches. Thanks...Dan
> Installed on 9.3 and 10 this morning.  One thing that *always* trips me
> up is when they patch sendmail they always turn it back on at boot time.
> You'd think I'd learn but I always space that out.  I usually get a wake
> up call when spam turns up in my inbox that wasn't scanned.
> Just stop MailScanner, apply the patch, then do:
>   chkconfig sendmail off
> so sendmail doesn't start automatically.  Next check to make sure it
> isn't running ('ps aux | grep sendmail' is what I use).  If it is
> running, kill the process(es).  Then restart MailScanner.
> S'later...
> ...Kevin

I tend to close port 25 using iptables when updating sendmail, so that 
if the update decides to restart sendmail, it won't bypass MailScanner.

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