MS 4.55.9 not detecting Mail::ClamAV

Res res at
Fri Oct 27 23:42:29 IST 2006

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, TCIS List Acct wrote:

> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> Hi
>> just run the normal clamav scanner from MAilScanner.conf - there's little 
>> if any difference in performance.
> I thought the point of the Perl ClamAV module was increased performance?
> When I run the normal clamav scanner, the clamscan processes chew up too much 
> CPU and take too long to scan the mail as compared to f-prot on the same box.

I found this problem also when doing hundreds of messages per batch, 
so stopped using it and moved to f-prot and problem gone, the cost of 
f-prot is well worth it.


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