Jim Coates jimc at laridian.com
Thu Oct 26 21:30:00 IST 2006

>On 25 Oct 2006, at 05:37, Jim Coates wrote:
>>>> Is it any big deal to upgrade SpamAssassin when it is working with 
>>>> MailScanner?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Jim
>>> www.mailscanner.info download and install the clamav and sa
>>> package that
>>> Jules maintains at the current release. Installs everything you  
>>> need to
>>> upgrade/install SA.
>> Will Julian's "easy install" for ClamAV and SpamAssassin work for a
>> FreeBSD
>> machine that is already running an older version of SpamAssassin  
>> and ClamAV?
>> I'd like to bring everything up to date, but the FreeBSD ports are  
>> a little
>> behind.
>Yes but it will be messy as it won't follow the BSD file structure  
>and there is a good chance that there will be libraries that won't be  
>found as they are some where else in BSD.
>> I wasn't sure whether the install.sh from Julian's download would
>> install in
>> the same directories etc that FreeBSD uses (which tend to be  
>> different from
>> everyone else).
>No. I would use the ports. They aren't that far behind (Although the  
>MailScanner port is one version lower currently as Jan-Peter hasn't  
>got round to updating it yet. Don't forget to 'cvsup' your ports tree  
>to make sure.

My woes continue...  just trying to do simple upgrade of ClamAV with the
FreeBSD ports blew up.  Seems that there are great deal of dependencies for
the newest ClamAV that aren't supported in the version of FreeBSD we have

The hosting site is recommending upgrading everything (kernel etc) and
hitting MailScanner, SpamAssassin and ClamAV while we are at it.

Does that seem the most logical approach to you guys with more experience on


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