spam getting through without even being checked

Michael Baird mike at
Fri Oct 13 22:42:41 IST 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 12:55 -0700, Chris Yuzik wrote:
> Michael Baird wrote:
> > Ensim uses custom MailScanner startup scripts, they've actually
> > seperated the MailScanner and Sendmail somewhat. With Ensim, you must
> > restart both MailScanner "service MailScanner restart" and "service
> > sendmail restart", the MailScanner init doesn't start both (If you are
> > using it the Ensim delivered way). But again, MailScanner doesn't do
> > anything for spam on Ensim (unless you modify it, beyond their setup).
> >   
> Michael,
> Ok, now I think we're getting somewhere. So is it the MailScanner 
> startup script that's supposed to start up sendmail? Perhaps what Andy 
> and I need to do is modify this so that MailScanner starts sendmail 
> instead of the system starting it directly? Looking forward to your 
> thoughts!

Yes, if you have converted over to a standard MailScanner type install
and using the standard MailScanner init script, it starts the listening
sendmail Daemon. Ensim has a modified MailScanner/sendmail init script
which starts them independantly. Ensim restarts the services via the
init scripts everytime a domain add/delete is done. If your read their
forums you will see post from me suggesting a far better system for spam
scanning that their oddball system, However they don't appear to wish to
do so. Their spamc/spamd type system causes the server to be bum rushed
from time to time, and the server load is higher then it should be.

Michael Baird

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