spam getting through without even being checked

Michael Baird mike at
Fri Oct 13 21:17:54 IST 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 12:53 -0700, Chris Yuzik wrote:
> Michael Baird wrote:
> > MailScanner has *nothing* to do with spam scanning on Ensim (unless you
> > customize it to use spam lists). MailScanner is only used for Virus
> > Scanning with ensim, otherwise it uses prefs in the user's home dir to
> > call spamd. Make sure spamassassin is running, restart it to make sure
> > "service spamassassin restart". You must have spam scanning enabled for
> > the domain in the admin interface as well. 
> >   
> Right, in the default config, that's true. WHY Ensim does it this way, 
> I'll never know; rather than finding out what would be best, they 
> typically go and customize the heck out of something in some bizarre manner.
> I have changed my system so that MailScanner does the antispam, not 
> spamd. Spamd is not running on the system.
> The challenge I seem to be having is that I end up with a sendmail 
> process out there that picks up mail and doesn't pass it through 
> MailScanner. MOST mail does go through MailScanner, but some (especially 
> at peak times) goes through unchecked.
Did you remove your /etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail start script?. When Ensim
adds/removes domains it also restarts many services including sendmail
and MailScanner. If you have not removed the sendmail init script their
could be issues, depending on which init script (since you aren't using
their MailScanner start script), is launched first.

Michael Baird

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