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>On 11/10/06, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
>>Martin Hepworth spake the following on 10/11/2006 1:05 AM:
>> > mailscanner at wrote:
>> >> Well, I am happily using mailscanner for a while now and it still
>> >> works great.
>> >>
>> >> So I was checking mailwatch this evening and I found out that the spam
>> >> / ham percentage is 60% / 40% at daytime and 95% / 5% at night. This
>> >> is quiet logical because at daytime everybody is working and at night
>> >> (well here in europe) only spammers are working. This can be used for
>> >> the spamfiltering. I think if it is possible to f.e. do, "spamscore *
>> >> 1.2" between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, it will hit more highscoring spam
>> >> at night. Offcourse it will also hit ham, but as there is much less
>> >> ham at night the possibility is less. Then, most off the overnight ham
>> >> is mailinglist which are often whitelisted.
>> >>
>> >> Any ideas?
>> >>
>> >> Roger
>> >
>> > Depends, we run Tokyo->Paris->UK->New York->LA offices through our
>> > MailScanner......not to mention all the international email lists we're
>> > all on..
>> >
>> > I tend to find spam rises around 9am EST (Eest coast US) and dies off
>> > when the US goes home for the night .... can't think of why that could
>> > be ;-)
>> >
>>Maybe because there are more computers per capita in the US. And more stupid
>>computer users that buy crap from spam mails.
>>Spam is a game of spray as much as you can and hope you hit something.
>The US usually don't "score that high" in a "computers per capita"
>competition (has something to do with a very large population _not_
>having computers:-)... Having said that, that same rather large,
>moderately computer-endowed population still makes for quite a few
>hackable computers:-):-). (My figures *may* be a bit dated... Not the
>kind of trivia one needs to lug around in ones head:-)
>And I guess a lot of ISPs still don't block port 25 for DUL type
>things (Things really quited down around here in Sweden when they

There is a HUGE difference in the amount of spam recorded from, say and versus and Verizon .net here in 
the US due to port 25 authentication and blocks on outgoing port 25. 
Unfortunately Comcast and Verizon are huge and will dictate as they 
wish.. in fact they are paying millions of dollars to influence our 
legislators (via third-party; called lobbyists, here).

My boss has frequently had difficulty using port 25 when in hotels 
across the country. I've set up port 587 in sendmail to handle the slack. 

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