Mailscanner/Spam Assassin support for Microsoft IMF/SCLSpamscoring?

Plant, Dean dean.plant at
Wed Oct 11 09:45:08 IST 2006

alex wrote:
>> Duncan, Brian M. wrote:
>>> Just the capability of being able to add a generic header to all
>>> Spam detected messages would be a great start:
>>> X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: 6.5
>> Read the docs. Check out "Spam Actions" and the "header" action.
> Could it be done by changing Spam Score Header from:
> X-%org-name%-MailScanner-SpamScore:
> to:
> X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL:
> and then adding
> Spam Score Number Format = %d
> and
> SpamScore Number Instead Of Stars = yes
> ?

I'm not an exchange person and I am thinking out loud here but would the
"X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL:" header be ignored if it is added from
another relay, how would it make sure that the header is genuine?

I do agree that this would be a great feature to get working though, as
it seems the only other way to achieve this is to use commercial
software called IMF tune that allows exchange to set the SCL score from
the "X-Spam-Status: Yes" header. 


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