SOLVED: Re: mailscanner hangs on automatic restart {Scanned}

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Oct 4 22:38:55 IST 2006

Scott Silva spake the following on 10/4/2006 8:43 AM:
> Glenn Steen spake the following on 10/4/2006 3:55 AM:
>> On 04/10/06, Henry Hollenberg <hgh at> wrote:
>>> SOLVED: razor-agent.log file in mailscanner incoming queue directory
>>> /var/spool/postfix/hold was hanging mailscanner on automatic
>>> restart every 14400 seconds. Synopsis top-posted for your convenience.
>>> See reply to Drew as bottom-post below. hgh.
>> Somewhat a known issue. Good to know what solved it for you though.
>>> Drew Marshall wrote:
>>>> On Wed, October 4, 2006 01:52, Henry Hollenberg wrote:
>> (snip)
>>>>> Oh!, like the razor-agent file? :
>>>> Yup, just like that. Never one to say told you so but... :-)
>>>> Having said that, you have fixed the cause so delete that one (Oh I see
>>>> from your next message you have. Nice to see you are continuing the
>>>> tradition of Postfix users replying to themselves ;-) Keep up the good
>>>> work :-> )
>>>> You shuld now have few (No?) problems and a damn sight less Spam.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Drew
>>> Talk to myself alot too, anyway, that seemed to fix it
>>> as my mailbox has 21 general emails in it (non-mailing list
>>> mails). Damn sight less than the 100+ I was waking up to.
>>> 3 were appropriately labeled as SPAM
>>> 17 slipped thru
>>> 1 valid email about a dead disk at work
>> Were those image type spam? I find ImageInfo
>> ( fixes that well for me...
>> Or one could do FuzzyOcr (look at the apache spamassassin site...).
>>> Thanks for all the help!
>> We do what we can:-)
> Hey Glenn,
> Does the imageinfo plugin load like the old plugins always did, or do you now
> have to use a load plugin line in init.pre?
> (Not hijacking the thread as Glenn mentioned the plugin above.)
Never mind ... I actually RTFM. Will try to remember to do so in the future.
Replying to myself ... Hmmmm... Must be running postfix somewhere.
Oh yeah... Now I remember ...


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