Logwatch Update

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at woodmclaw.com
Wed Oct 4 16:29:50 IST 2006

> 1. I run the cron.daily logwatch and would like to email myself when
> is
> run. Cron seems to want to run this and mail to root. I changed the
> logwatch.conf file (in a few different places) to "mailto" my address,
> it still mails to root. Anyone know which of the four or five
> logwatch.conf
> files will correct this?

This may or may not help you.  Remember the .forward file that will
forward all roots email to someone.  Simple and effective, but if you
want only logwatch emails than this would not help.

> 2. If I upgraded, what do I do with the file attached in the earlier
> posts?
> I do see ClamAV and other new stuff in the report, but will the
> file make a difference in what I get with the off-the-shelf RPM from
> above?
> Thanks
> Steve

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