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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Wed Oct 4 13:18:15 IST 2006

Hi Jon,

Jon Miller wrote:
> For number 2 you need to be more explicit in what you mean by
> updates. The whole system you describe is made up of many components,
> pulled together by Mailscanner.  Each of these can be updated, but
> the method for each may be different.  Do you want to upgrade th
> various components to newer versions?  Do you want to make sure the
> virus checkers are updating their virus libraries?  Do you want to
> update the spam detection rules of SpamAssassin?
> Thanks for the reply: for now until a new system is put together and
> tested I want to make sure that the spam detection rules of
> SpamAssassin are up to date.  I can do the Sophos updates. Currently
> not interested in upgrading the MailScanner program.

This largely depends on what version you are running, run this from the 
command line:

spamassassin -V

Newer versions of SpamAssassin have a process called sa-update which 
downloads updated versions of the core SpamAssassin rules.

There is also the add-on rules supplied by the SpamAssassin Rules 
Emporium (SARE) people  These rules can 
be updated using the RulesDuJour program.

You might also get better help if you ask your question on the 
spamassasin-users list which is just as friendly and helpful as this 

Anthony Peacock
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