70k mqueue.in but load under 1 ??

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at svenskakyrkan.se
Tue Nov 28 10:17:27 GMT 2006

I've added sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, dnsbl.sorbs.net and relays.ordb.org at 
the MTA level as well as upped greet_pause to 10 seconds.

The queue problem is now gone (for the moment) but I still dont get how 
a mailscanner installation could drop to under 1 in load and just sit 
there watching the queue build.

Would it be possible do define some dynamic variables? Load under 1, 
queue over 1k - start another mailscanner child (or whatever appropriate)

Regards, Tony

Furnish, Trever G skrev:

> I added SBL+XBL at the MTA level and my queue size is now dropping
> again.  Shockingly (to me) SBL+XBL is blocking a *very* large percentage
> of the inbound connections -- >99% each time I've checked this
> afternoon.  No reported false positives yet though (only been running a
> few hours) and no one's loaded the web page I put into the SMTP
> rejection response -- I'm pleasantly surprised.  Didn't expect it to
> catch so much.
>> -- 
>> Cheers
>> Res
> --
> Trever

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