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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Nov 28 09:51:51 GMT 2006

On 28/11/06, Res <res at> wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Gordon Colyn wrote:
> > ok, thanks.
> >
> > Where do I  rm the sylink ?
> If you are useing the source rollback is as simple as
> cd /opt
> rm MailScanner
> ln -s MailScanner-last-stable-version/ MailScanner
> and restarting MS of course :)
> RPM can't not be done this way because it doesn't use this method,
> useing the tarball is far more efficient, dead simple for
> upgrades and emergency rollbacks and most importantly backups, all taking
> literally only a few seconds. Even on my RPM based machines I use
> tarballs.
Well, if you followed the instructions in the wiki/MAQ for doing an
update (and what to save a copy of, you could rather easily roll back
with that for RPM (both /usr/lib/MailScanner and /etc/MailScanner
...). In a pinch, "rpm -e mailscanner" then "restore" /etc/MailScanner
to previous version, then finally reinstall that version. Not as
simpel as the source, no ... Still doable though:-).

If it still behaves badly after that, one has to start wondering if it
is some insidious bug regarding some of the perl modules.

-- Glenn
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