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Mon Nov 27 22:37:02 GMT 2006

Scott Silva wrote ..

My server is in London and I work from Shropshire I have eight statics and the one I use mangga.<domain> ([82.xx.xx.2x5] the static is in my server zone file but no matter how I set up the Cisco I cannot get the ip id to show just mangga.<domain>.

So all my outgoing mail is flagged by the BOT plugin. Worse is the fact much of my email received comes from journalist in Asia where they have similar adsl addresses, these people like me operate away from their company servers. I cannot loose or afford to loose these emails. So to be sure I had to delete, for the time being the BOTNET plugin.

My ISP is doing what they can to resolve the address on my 'satellite' machines.

Thanks for the many replies even if I don't understand the reasons of what is happening.

- Wayne -

> Wayne spake the following on 11/27/2006 12:27 PM:
> > At 14:17 27/11/2006, you wrote:
> > 
> > Do not know if I am alone with this problem but I have had to remove
> > BOTNET as it was doing it's job too well - it was deleting all mail
> > which originated from genuine ADSL addresses I even tried adding these
> > addresses to white-lists and other files saying not to be read as spam
> -
> > they still were. If the problem of genuine use of adsl addresses can
> be
> > addressed I will try again.
> > 
> > - Wayne -
> That is a problem. There is so little "genuine" use of ADSL for mail that
> the
> author might not have took that into account. I am very resistant to accept
> e-mail from ADSL or cable connections because it is 99.9% spam, and the
> originator should be using a smarthost on their ISP.
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