Botnet 0.4 Spam Assassin plugin

John Rudd jrudd at
Mon Nov 27 21:09:43 GMT 2006

Scott Silva wrote:
> Wayne spake the following on 11/27/2006 12:27 PM:
>> At 14:17 27/11/2006, you wrote:
>> Do not know if I am alone with this problem but I have had to remove
>> BOTNET as it was doing it's job too well - it was deleting all mail
>> which originated from genuine ADSL addresses I even tried adding these
>> addresses to white-lists and other files saying not to be read as spam -
>> they still were. If the problem of genuine use of adsl addresses can be
>> addressed I will try again.
> That is a problem. There is so little "genuine" use of ADSL for mail that the
> author might not have took that into account. I am very resistant to accept
> e-mail from ADSL or cable connections because it is 99.9% spam, and the
> originator should be using a smarthost on their ISP.

I did take it into account.  I'm of the "they should be using their 
Corporate/ISP's mail server, or get their DNS fixed" opinion.  Or use a 
hosted email server that has better RDNS if their ISP is lame.

My means of mitigating the problem are the "botnet_pass_auth", 
"botnet_skip_ip", and "botnet_pass_ip" options, which allow you to 
handle known good senders.

Or you can set the score for BOTNET_CLIENT to 0.  That will, however, 
significantly reduce the effectiveness of the plugin.

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