SA plugins in MailScanner

John Rudd jrudd at
Mon Nov 27 12:41:26 GMT 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 27/11/06, John Rudd <jrudd at> wrote:

>> (note: this is specific to mailscanner-4.41.3 
> I'd suppose version of SA to be more important than MS:-).

Yup, I expect that too.  And my question isn't meant to call MS's 
practices into question.  It's more of a "due diligence" issue.  I want 
to make sure I've thought of all of the issues.

(I was about to say "covering all of the bases", but then realized I'm 
not speaking to an exclusively USA crowd, and wasn't sure if that phrase 
is specific to baseball or not... I'm not even a baseball fan, but I 
can't escape it!)

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