70k mqueue.in but load under 1 ??

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at svenskakyrkan.se
Mon Nov 27 11:46:47 GMT 2006


I'm running Sendmail 8.13.1 with a 3 second greet_pause

maillog says:
Nov 27 12:28:54 ms01 MailScanner[17258]: Creating hardcoded struct_flock 
subroutine for linux (Linux-type)
Nov 27 12:32:59 ms01 MailScanner[17707]: Using locktype = posix

Regards, Tony

Martin Hepworth skrev:
> Tony
> what MTA?
> Recent MS versions assume if you are using sendmail, it's 8.13.x and 
> thus the lock type is posix, not flock as is for v 8.12.x and previous.
> if you are using sendmail 8.12 you'll need to force the lock type to 
> 'flock' in mailScanner.conf.
> Another issue is the way certain spam is using email, it can cause a big 
> problem with sendmail 8.12. Only solution is to upgrade to 8.13 and use 
> the greet_pause feature.

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