use spamcop and bounce with spamcop response help.

Chuck Rock carock at
Mon Nov 27 00:41:14 GMT 2006

I am bouncing messages with MailScanner that match the Spamcop list.

I see in the latest version I'm using 4.56.8 you can modify message headers 
with actions.

Is there a way to modify the message header to the spamcop address is listed 
with the proper IP like if you just used Sendmail to bounce it?

This is what Spamcop tells you to di if you run Sendmail.

FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `', `"Spam blocked see:"$&{client_addr}', `t')dnl 

I was thinking of adding the message header in MailScanner similar to this.

Spam Actions = bounce header "X-Spam-Status: 
Yes : ''(flagged_IP)

Is there a syntax in Mailscanner to provide that IP to that header line so a 
person could get to the spamcop site with their IP address information?


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