filetype.rules and filename.rules syntax

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Sun Nov 26 13:33:51 GMT 2006

Hi Scott,

Scott Kopel wrote:
> I made a test file with pico with only one line as follows:
> allow <tab> jpg <tab> - <tab> -
> and that file also generated an error

>>> Nov 25 06:16:53 englishmail MailScanner[21763]: Syntax error in first
>>> field in line 93 of ruleset /opt/MailScanner/etc/filename.rules

>>> I'm using the rules files exactly as supplied by MailScanner
>>> eg
>>> allow   text            -                       -
>>> allow   script          -                       -
>>> allow   archive         -                       -

If the file name ends in .rules - MailScanner is expecting a *ruleset* - 
not the file[name|type] rules e.g.

To:		/etc/MailScanner/rules/filename.expection.rules.conf
FromOrTo:	default		/etc/MailScanner/rules/filename.rules.conf

In short - change the filename to end in .rules.conf and put the 
original file back (and change the relevant line in MailScanner.conf) 
and it will start working properly again without the syntax errors.

And - as Glenn says too - Upgrade!!


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