filetype.rules and filename.rules syntax

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Nov 26 09:47:34 GMT 2006

On 26/11/06, Scott Kopel <kopels at> wrote:
> pico is the editor i use
> however, when I noticed the errors, I substituted the sample files that
> came with my installation of MailScanner and I don't believe those have
> been edited at all - still produced the errors, then
> I made a test file with pico with only one line as follows:
> allow <tab> jpg <tab> - <tab> -
> and that file also generated an error
> s
> >> I've noticed that I'm getting the following errors in my maillogs
> >> I'm using the rules exactly as supplied by mailscanner
> >> I'm using MailScanner version 4.42.9-1
> >> can anyone tell me what's wrong with my setup?
> >> thanks a bunch
> >> Scott
> >>
> >> Nov 25 06:16:53 englishmail MailScanner[21763]: Syntax error in first
> >> field in line 93 of ruleset /opt/MailScanner/etc/filename.rules
Well, did you restart after editing/changing the file? The error is
indicative of a syntax error (could be that you've accidentally
converted the <TAB> characters that separate the "columns" to spaces,
or something similar).

But you have another "problem"... You're using a quite old
MailScanner. There have been quite a few improvements (like the --lint
and other syntax/ruletesting options) since then, so please do
consider spending the minutes it takes to perform an upgrade.

-- Glenn
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