warning.txt format

Jon Leeman technician at cenpac.net.nr
Fri Nov 24 13:18:09 GMT 2006


MS  4.51.6
Mandrake 10.2

Noticed a while back that the 'warning.txt' attachments generated by MS
were being read by M$ email clients default txt reader (notepad.exe) as
Unix style with the CRLF different.

Found http://soft.zoneo.net/Linux/dos_to_unix.php as a way to fix this.

It's probably been discussed / bug fixed / whatever, before, but thought
I'd share it with those either new to MS/Linux or behind a very
thin/congested pipe that makes searching difficult.


Jon (Nauru....clear sky, calm sea, and a mild 24 deg. C. at 0110 Hrs.
{no Glenn, I am not suggesting cold weather is 'bad' :-)

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