Due to incresing spam and deleations issues....

Rob Morin rob at dido.ca
Wed Nov 22 13:44:52 GMT 2006

Thanks for all your replys.....

We are getting allot of spam coming through now.... i am not sure why, 
most of it gets caught as spam but not deleted....even though it looks 
clearly like spam.....an example is below that was not marked as spam at 

I am running MS 4.5.3 and SA 3.1.1 i installed via the tarball scripty 
thing.... should i upgrade to next version?

If so is it a simple as running the install script again? I thought i 
remember someone saying if i used the install script it makes upgrading 

Thanks again for all your guys and gals help... this list is a a great 
resource! And of course MS ROCKS!

Have a great day!

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Rob Morin
Dido InterNet Inc.
Montreal, Canada

Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Rob Morin wrote:
>> ... i would like to implement a PER user/mailbox rulset....
>> on the weekend i had a buddy mention that there is a way to 
>> incorporate squirrllmaill and MS with SA that uses MySQL to allow 
>> users to alter their own spam filters, rather than US (sys admins) 
>> doing special whitelists for each user, as more and more spam comes 
>> in more regular mail gets marked as spam and or gets deleted.... its 
>> becoming too much to manage now... if the clients can manage some 
>> stuff on their own, it would help with out regular duties rather than 
>> spend hours each day adjusting the rules and scores.....
>> Especially those damm gif messages... so my 2 questions are....
>> 1) Has anyone actually done this per user rule set via mysql?
>> 2) How is the success ratio with the gif plugin for MS to help with 
>> those darn gif messages?
>> Thanks to all , and to all a good day!
>> :)
> Rob
> sorry on the 2nd question, I'd look at the SARE_Stocks ruleset from 
> www.rulesemporium.com/rules.html and freds' rules from 
> www.rulesemporium.com/other-rules.htm.
> Also make sure you are running SA 3.1.7 as this catches some of the 
> gif/image spam quite well on it's own (will give a score acore above 5 
> anyway).

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