MailScanner miss several Regning.exe files - beware zip virus

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Wed Nov 22 11:51:57 GMT 2006

On 22/11/06, Jan Elmqvist Nielsen <jen at> wrote:
>  Attached is a zip queue file.
> None af my virus scanners detect the virus yet
> /jan Elmqvist Nielsen
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> Sendt: 22. november 2006 12:15
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> Emne: SV: MailScanner miss several Regning.exe files
> Several of thise (virus) exe files is still comming through!!
> I wonder if it's Fedora 4's file command which is to blam.
> I have some mail which the file command say it's MPEG but it's a plain html file!
> Have any of you have the same experience with FC4 and MailScanner?
> /Jan Elmqvist Nielsen

Jan, do you mean that you _have_ filename/filetype checking on? And
this slipped through?
Do you employ any rulesets for those settings in MailScanner.conf?

Looking at the file, it looks like it'd fall afoul of the filename
checks, so no matter if the filetype checks worked or not, it
should've been caught... Unless you axplicitly allow it (perhaps by a

-- Glenn
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